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Video tour: using FlashStart Cloud filter

FlashStart is the innovative content and malware filter for Ubiquiti Networks devices. It requires no additional hardware or software and does not perceivably impact Router performance. It operates as a cloud and by inspecting all DNS resolutions and filters the internet access based upon the end-user-defined security policy. FlashStart is a high quality, fast and easy-to-use solution which is designed to be sold by the Ubiquiti Networks resellers community worldwide.

Content and Malware Filtering
Remove 25,000 variants of ransomware, botnets, viruses and malware; and monitor or filter 50 content categories with time-of-day variations.
Reporting & Analysis
Six months of historical data is held but privacy issues are avoided because data is aggregated.
Native scripts integration
FlashStart is integrated with any MikroTik device using 100% standard scripts and takes just a few minutes to set-up.
White-label & Soap APIs
By white-labelling the FlashStart service in your brand name and integrating any pre-existing Dashboard with SOAP interfaces then internet filtering becomes part of your core offer.

Are you a Reseller or a Isp/Wisp?

FlashStart Cloud can really help you to build a Business reveanue with your customers, increasing loyalty.
With Partner’s multi-tenant dashboard, whitelabel platform option and APIs we can help you. Check here the application form.

Simply to use! See the screenshots

FlashStart Cloud Interface

Cloud Technology

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HOWTO: Installation on Ubiquiti Networks devices

You can activate FlashStart Cloud filtering on any model of Ubiquiti Networks devices following these steps:

1) Register for free at FlashStart Cloud by visiting this link;
2)Connect to the dashboard by entering the IP address in your browser.
Then type login credentials.
3) Click on `Network` menu and open the submenu `WAN Network Settings` .
Type Content Filter DNS in fields `Primary DNS IP` and `Secondary DNS IP`.
DNS Servers are distributed by geographic area so FlashStart dashboard will show you, in the bottom of the page, best performance DNS for your area.
4) You need also to enable and configure the DHCP Server. To do that open the submenu `LAN Network Settings`, in the same page, and enable DHCP Server.
Type IP range inserting respectively first IP of range in field `Range Start` and last IP in field `Range End`.
In the field below type the subnet mask of your netwrok.
Next choose DHCP lease (in minutes).
Now type Content Filter DNS, which will be automatically configured in clients, in fields `Primary DNS IP` and `Secondary DNS IP`.
Finally click on `Change` to apply the configuration.

5) Now you need to authenticate your device with Content Filter system.
To do this, open menu `Services` and configure Dynamic DNS service in this way:

– Check the voice `Dynamic DNS`.
– Choose `Dyndns.org` service (IMPORTANT: you do not have to register to dyndns.org service, it works anyway because Content Filter redirect to itself).
– In the field `Hostname` type the word `filter`.
– In the other two fields type Content Filter respectively email and password.
– Click on `Change` button to apply the changes.

OPTION: Enforce security avoiding user DNS changes. To do this you can proceed in this way:

– Click on `Network` menu and open the voice `Firewall`.
– Now you need to create rules to block all traffic on port 53 (DNS Service), TCP and UDP, except Content Filter DNS Servers.
See the image below to understand how to create these rules.

Now you can surf the web with traffic filter enabled!

To choose your blacklists, manage your reports, customize geo-filtering and all of the other functions, log into your account here: https://cloud.flashstart.com/.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

FlashStart support every model and type of Ubiquiti Networks devices.
FlashStart support both static and dynamic IP internet connection.
Absolutely not! FlashStart filter works on DNS resolution. It is simply necessary to point DNS Servers to FlashStart and register the static, or dynamic, connection IP.
Absolutely not! Integration works in mode transparent, therefore no modification to the IP address or working positions is required. Simple point, in Ubiquiti Networks devices, DNS resolvers to FlashStart secure DNS.
Of course! FlashStart supports both the devices connected through Ethernet cable and the ones connected through wireless.
FlashStart for Ubiquiti Networks is being used with success in thousands of networks (Companies, Schools, HotSpot Wifi, ecc.).
Absolutely not! FlashStart Cloud management tool is easy and intuitive. It can be deployed in 5 minutes and everyone can use it. And you have high quality dedicated support from the FlashStart staff.
Of course! The Privacy Law Authority actually suggests adopting Internet filters, as the supervisor cannot, by law, monitor the websites visited by his/her employees. Prevention filtering represents the only solution business owners and supervisors possess to prevent the unwanted use of the Internet by employees during work time.
Of course! Reports and logs are anonymous. The logs show Internet usage based on multiple categories: leisure, social networks, etc. It doesn’t show any specific details about the employee who has accessed the websites.

User reviews

We needed more than just a quality filter,
we needed SOAP integration to create managed service solutions and a responsive partner.
– Managing Partner Francisco Guerrero, Product Director TELDAT, Spain
FlashStart provided easy implementation of our security policy.
– Kendall Head, Managing Partner, Loveitts Limited (Estate Agency)
We subjected FlashStart to a rigorous 6 month evaluation and it came out top for the German market.
– Michael Bindner, Product Manager BINTEC, Germany