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Any service or device
FlashStart is easy to integrate and works well with third party technologies and devices. For example, FlashStart works with all types of routers, is easy to set-up with LAN technologies and automatically renders to all major types of devices. FlashStart seeks to integrate with new and emerging network technologies.
Third Party Integration
FlashStart was designed to integrate with third party platforms, applications, operational dashboards and other forms of middleware. The primary technology we offer for this is a SOAP Web Service interface. We retain many third party products in our labs to perform regression testing and advanced support capabilities.
The FlashStart service can be supplied as white-label and branded with your logo Where you have a multi-tier distribution channel we offer the possibility that your customers may also brand the service.
Customized Registration Experience
Your online business may have a registration process that is a little different to other companies. Perhaps this forms part of the look-and-feel of your business or reflects your internal processes and data structures. FlashStart supports the option to customize registration pages, which as far as reasonably possible, can align to your existing look and feel.
Multi-tier Distribution
Critical business processes – such as order placement, license management, support and invoicing – can be flexibly integrated within the supply chains connecting manufacturers, distributors and resellers.
Variable billing cycles
A variety of invoicing process and billing cycles can be supported. This includes multi-year, annual, quarterly or monthly billing cycles. Special attention is also paid the renewals cycle.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No! FlashStart Cloud is specially designed to function online; the websites scan engine is located in our datacenters.
It is necessary to connect the “push-device” through a simple network cable and your devices will surf safely. Software installation is not required.
No! FlashStart Cloud works in mode “transparent bridge” and protects every device using the router connection: personal computers (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.), smartphones and tablets.
Absolutely not! FlashStart Cloud works in mode transparent, therefore no modification to the IP address or working positions is required. PC will continue to keep the current default gateway.
Of course! FlashStart Cloud supports both the devices connected through Ethernet cable and the ones connected through wireless.
Yes! It is possible to select one or multiple PC that will be free to surf the web without filtering rules.
Absolutely not! FlashStart cloud management tool is easy and intuitive. It can be deployed in 5 minutes and everyone can use it. And you have high quality dedicated support from the FlashStart staff.
Of course! The Privacy Law Authority actually suggests adopting Internet filters, as the supervisor cannot, by law, monitor the websites visited by his/her employees. Prevention filtering represents the only solution business owners and supervisors possess to prevent the unwanted use of the Internet by employees during work time.
Of course! Reports and logs are anonymous. The logs show Internet usage based on multiple categories: leisure, social networks, etc. It doesn’t show any specific details about the employee who has accessed the websites.

User reviews

We needed more than just a quality filter,
we needed SOAP integration to create managed service solutions and a responsive partner.
– Managing Partner Francisco Guerrero, Product Director TELDAT, Spain
FlashStart provided easy implementation of our security policy.
– Kendall Head, Managing Partner, Loveitts Limited (Estate Agency)
We subjected FlashStart to a rigorous 6 month evaluation and it came out top for the German market.
– Michael Bindner, Product Manager BINTEC, Germany